So this year I will be doing the National Novel Writing Month(Nanowrimo)

Whoop Whoop.

The story is a Sci-fi idea I have. he he


Feel free to keep an eye on it 😀



Story Lab


I got on the short list for Story Lab:
Here’s a link:

October , 2015
Triggerfish Animation Studios has shortlisted 23 features and 12 TV series for the inaugural Triggerfish Story Lab, out of a whopping 1 378 entries from 30 countries across Africa.

Triggerfish had planned to announce a shortlist of 10 features and 10 TV series, but increased this after being pleasantly surprised by both the quantity and quality of the entrants.

Alongside a wealth of emerging talent, the shortlist includes top African creatives like Nnedi Okorafor, a World Fantasy Award winning novelist; Charlie Human, whose debut novel Apocalypse Now Now is currently being adapted by District 9’s Terri Tanchel; award-winning picture book author Alex Latimer; and multi-award-winning directors Donovan Marsh, Hanneke Schutte, Jenna Bass and Wanuri Kahui.

“These are stories that have a distinct voice and capture the humour, heart and global appeal that we are looking for,” says Anthony Silverston, head of development at Triggerfish.

The shortlisted feature film entries are:
The Big Wild (Ian Pugh)
Born Flea (Andrew Phillips)
Bru and Boegie (Mike Scott)
The Camel Racer (Wanuri Kahui and Nnedi Okorafor)
The Crash (Julia Smuts Louw)
Dropped (Ian Tucker)
Elliot’s Journey (Judy Kibinge)
Fish Out of Water (Matthys Boshoff and Carina Stander)
The Legend of the Rain Queen (Hanneke Schutte)
The Life Factory (Howard James Fyvie)
Lights (Kay Carmichael)
The Little Five (Alex Latimer)
The Loneliest Satellite (Charlie Human)
Make Believe Maya (Nimrod Geva)
The Makers (Sheldon Bengston)
Molly and the Quarks (Donovan Marsh)
Mumbo Jumbo Bambinos (Mbuso Thulani Shiburi)
Paris in Africa (Yolanda Makalaza)
Paradox City (Greig Cameron)
True Colours (Bernard Bruwer)
The Wild Waste (Naseem Hoosen)
Witches Way (Jenna Bass and Chinelo Unwualo)
Zahrah the Windseeker (Wanuri Kahui and Nnedi Okorafor)

The shortlisted TV series are:
Chicken Core (Shina Ajulo)
Folklore (Andile Ngcizela)
Gullivan’s Loft (Jenny Verwoerd and Stephen van Wyk)
Herbert Smelly Pants (Denzil Lewis)
KC’s Super 4 (Malenga Mulendema)
Matchbox Monsters (Sue-Mari L. Sauer)
Ninja Princess (Marc Dey)
Onion Boy (Sarah Scrimgeour)
Sam and Sbu (Lori Reardon and John Reardon)
Sophie the Giantslayer (Kay Carmichael)
Uncanny Valley (Nicholas Rix and Moray Rhoda)
Wormholes (Lucy Heavens)

“It was great to see that 40% of our entries were by female writers, and there were a number of promising young writers as well as established authors and filmmakers, which made our final decisions very, very tough,” says Triggerfish CEO Stuart Forrest. “Ultimately, the huge response that we received shows that there is a great desire for more African stories to be told, and we hope that the Triggerfish Story Lab will be able to kick-start this process.”

The shortlisted entries will attend workshops in Cape Town in November with leading Hollywood script consultant Pilar Alessandra, author of The Coffee Break Screenwriter, and Orion Ross, Vice President of Content – Animation, Digital and Acquisitions Disney Channels EMEA.

They will then make their final pitches to an expert panel that includes Peter Lord, the British director of international blockbusters like Chicken Run and The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists; Hollywood writers Kiel Murray (Cars) and Jonathan Roberts (The Lion King); and a panel of development executives from both the London and Los Angeles offices of The Walt Disney Company, as well as South African storyteller Gcina Mhlope, comedian David Kau, screenwriter Paul Ian Johnson, and Triggerfish’s development team of Anthony Silverston, Wayne Thornley and Raffaella Delle Donne.

In December 2015, Triggerfish will announce the final Story Lab participants, who will start the new year with a two week immersion trip, including mentoring from key studio and television executives, at Disney’s headquarters in Burbank, California.

Triggerfish will be investing up to R44m over the next three years in The Story Lab, which was established with the support of The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) and The Walt Disney Company.

The development process can take a number of years. For each phase of development, Triggerfish will provide financial support, workspace, and expert guidance by internal and international consultants and mentors, as well as a route to market through top-tier relationships with leading Hollywood agency William Morris Endeavor.

The Rory Gilmore Reading challenge…


I have resolved to read all the books that Rory Gilmore read in the TV series Gilmore Girls(

So far I have read about 15 of the books, there are about 339 T_T.

When I’m done, I believe it will improve my writing a lot. I started the list with the book 1984. Then went on to Wuthering Heights and are busy with Swann’s Way right now. These books are all old and well know for amazing writing, characters and/or plot.

I have not been disappointed so far… I can see just way these books are as acclaimed as they are. I’ll try and post about my book reading exploits 😀 but I wont be talking about anything important or useful, because that would just seem to boring.

Well back to my reading…


First episode of One Piece

I love the first episode of One Piece. In it you get too know four main characters to the story. And yet it doesn’t really feel like the writer is trying to tell you anything. He makes it feel like there isn’t much to think or worry about, you can just sit back and enjoy.

It starts with two random sailors looking at a whirlpool as their cruise ship sails past. They notice a wine barrel in the see and pull it up on deck. That is when another sailor notices a pirate ship is coming their way. Now you meet Coby, a boy stuck on said pirate ship to much of a coward to run away from the pirates. The pirates bully him a lot. As the pirates open fire on the ship, you meet Nami. A young girl enjoying a ball on the cruise ship.

What really interest me is the character archs in this episode.

Luffy > starts off asleep in a barrel at sea lost his ship to the whirlpool, wakes up hungry and becomes friends with Coby, beats up all the pirates by using his devil fruit strength, gets a ship and slips away with Coby just as the marines arrive.
Coby > starts off on a pirate ship he doesn’t want to be on, is a coward and gets picked on by his crew mates, meets Luffy, tries to free himself from the pirates by standing up to the pirate captain, escapes with Luffy at the end being a little less of a coward.
Nami > starts off at the ball as a normal girl on the ship, when the pirates attack her true nature gets revealed as a thief, she then proceeds to steal all the pirates gold, at the end she makes off with the gold and a ship.
The last character we meet is Zoro, he is chained to a block by marine base. This I think says quite a bit about what kind of person he might be. And they leave you hanging there, wondering who he might be.

All and all I love how simply getting a boat for Luffy turned into such a amazing episode.