I love the first episode of One Piece. In it you get too know four main characters to the story. And yet it doesn’t really feel like the writer is trying to tell you anything. He makes it feel like there isn’t much to think or worry about, you can just sit back and enjoy.

It starts with two random sailors looking at a whirlpool as their cruise ship sails past. They notice a wine barrel in the see and pull it up on deck. That is when another sailor notices a pirate ship is coming their way. Now you meet Coby, a boy stuck on said pirate ship to much of a coward to run away from the pirates. The pirates bully him a lot. As the pirates open fire on the ship, you meet Nami. A young girl enjoying a ball on the cruise ship.

What really interest me is the character archs in this episode.

Luffy > starts off asleep in a barrel at sea lost his ship to the whirlpool, wakes up hungry and becomes friends with Coby, beats up all the pirates by using his devil fruit strength, gets a ship and slips away with Coby just as the marines arrive.
Coby > starts off on a pirate ship he doesn’t want to be on, is a coward and gets picked on by his crew mates, meets Luffy, tries to free himself from the pirates by standing up to the pirate captain, escapes with Luffy at the end being a little less of a coward.
Nami > starts off at the ball as a normal girl on the ship, when the pirates attack her true nature gets revealed as a thief, she then proceeds to steal all the pirates gold, at the end she makes off with the gold and a ship.
The last character we meet is Zoro, he is chained to a block by marine base. This I think says quite a bit about what kind of person he might be. And they leave you hanging there, wondering who he might be.

All and all I love how simply getting a boat for Luffy turned into such a amazing episode.